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RAMPTECH® Toyota Radiator

Sage P/N 821071


Toyota Radiator 1

Maximum durability on the ramp.

RAMPTECH® Toyota Radiators are made from copper and brass for maximum durability on the ramp. Copper/Brass is a more flexible material than aluminum and can take much more movement and jarring making it a much better choice for ramp equipment. Given the same thickness of material, aluminum radiators do have a higher strength and can sustain more physical abuse, however, to match the cooling efficiency of copper/brass, aluminum radiators must use a thinner wall and more cores. To achieve this, the required physical size would have to greatly increase for the same cooling effect and would require a significant increase in size. Additionally, copper/brass radiators are easier to repair with less specialized equipment, and at more locations than aluminum. Copper and brass simply offer the best overall advantage.

Keeping it cool… Tests have shown that of similar core designs, it proves conclusively that aluminum radiators offer no real temperature drop advantage over copper and brass.  Results have shown that core design has more bearing on temperature drop than the material (copper/brass vs. aluminum).

Toyota Radiator 2


  • Fit the Toyota TD Series Tractors with gas engines
  • It is an exact Toyota replacement, equal in quality, at a fraction of the cost
  • Heavy duty durability and long life


  • Made with Copper Brass material
  • Increased tank wall thickness by 25%


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