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Safety first, quality always.

Safety is the airport ramp’s number one priority.

RAMPTECH® Safety Handrail is designed with this in mind, combining technologically advanced safety features with superior durability. RAMPTECH® Safety Handrail is engineered for performance, ergonomics and reliability beyond that of any other handrail on the market.

Features include U-channel structural steel with double bead welded joints for enhanced robustness and 304 stainless steel tubes with internal reinforcement. Safety yellow powder coat paint provides easy visibility and decals clearly mark the end of the non-slip RHINO® lined catwalk platform. Rounded hardware will not catch on operators’ clothing. Padded mid-rails at hot bag access area prevent head injuries and pinch point separations avoid operator injury when retracting extendable bars.



  • handrail 5Fixed safety rail is fully extendable for additional security while accommodating a wide range of fuselage types
  • Spring-loaded automatic locking mechanism allows for one hand operation, leaving operators’ free hand to securely hold the top rail
  • Split rail design eliminates difficulty during shipping, handling and installation
  • Durable and weather resistant natural gum rubber bumpers mold to aircraft touch points without marking
  • Fade- and crack-resistant catwalk platform provides a textured surface for secure footing
  • Rear grab bar is rounded for ergonomic support
  • Mounting template and quick-start guide provided for easy assembly

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The handrail install configuration has been tested to be compatible with TUG 660, TLD NBL, and Wollard TC-888 belt loaders and the following aircraft:

Airbus A319 and A320
B737 700/800/900
B757 200/300
B767 300/400