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RAMPTECH® Speed Governors

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7320001 RamptechGovernor

Completely redesigned, fully tested. Uniquely efficient.

The RAMPTECH® Speed Governors are the result of innovative advancements in design which provides vast improvements of the original Hoof Governor. Although they look the same, RAMPTECH® Speed Governors are entirely redesigned from the ground up. The design enhancements include a simplified interval adjustment mechanism, an enhanced leaf spring assembly, a stainless-steel adjustment screw, and a hardened steel e‑clip.

Beware of the many imitations of these governors. They might look the same on the outside, but they are not on the inside. Only the RAMPTECH® Speed Governors are entirely redesigned and fully tested as well as 100% quality-controlled to assure the best possible performance and unmatched reliability.


  • A new and innovative design
  • RAMPTECH® Speed Governors are 100% quality controlled
  • Robust product with high reliability
  • Engine Speed Range: 2,400 – 2,500 RPM
  • Fitted for the Ford 300 4.9L Engine
  • All gaskets included


  • Simplified interval adjustment mechanism
  • Enhanced leaf spring design and material
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw
  • Hardened steel e‑clip


Clark — 993610
Handiquip – TT-N25-GV
Motorcraft — D7JL12450M, D7JL12480A
NAPA – 02035-0257
Tiger — TIG1001105
Tug — T6-1001–105