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RAMPTECH® Ford 300 4.9L Carburetor

Sage P/N 732002


Advanced engineering, full throttle quality.

The RAMPTECH® Ford 300 4.9L Carburetor advances the art and science of product development and manufacturing to create a vastly improved version of the old Motorcraft model. Engineering enhancements include Oilite throttle shaft bushings for longer life, improved float design, enhanced needle and seat, and an improved accelerator pump diaphragm.

To ensure unparalleled performance and reliability, each RAMPTECH® carburetor undergoes extensive and highly stringent quality control procedures and checks… including running every unit on a Ford 300 engine, followed by comprehensive adjustments prior to shipment. RAMPTECH® carburetor for the Ford 300 engine are new without a core charge.


  • Fitted and tuned for the Ford 300 4.9L engines
  • Hot air choke
  • Every carburetor goes through an extensive QC check on a live engine where it is fully adjusted and tuned prior to shipment
  • Preset for the Ford 300 (4.9L) GSE applications
  • These RAMPTECH® Carburetors are new without a core charge
  • All gaskets included


  • Throttle shaft Oilite bushings for longer life
  • Improved float design
  • Enhanced needle and seat
  • Upgraded accelerator pump diaphragm
  • Performance tuned and enhanced for GSE and industrial use


Clark — 919111
Handiquip – TT-N49-CR
Motorcraft — D5TZ-9510AG, D4PZ-9510AC
Napa – NCR1460WARMG
Tug — T6-1001–107
Uremco — 7–7523