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RAMPTECH® Ignition Switch

Sage P/N 743012


Failure… eliminated.

The failure rate for ignition switches is high throughout the GSE industry. The reason? Many switches are intended for in cab use and are not designed to withstand the exposed environment of the ramp. High moisture from rain, snow, humidity, and various ramp fluids and chemicals all contribute to switch failure.  Most common ignition switches use materials which, when subjected to a high-moisture environment, can cause the contacts to arc when passing an electrical current. When an arc occurs, the internal contacts tend to carbonize and create excess electrical resistance, which reduces current flow to the starter motor and can lead to failure.  Arcing can also cause the contacts to “weld” together… causing the switch to be stuck in the engaged position, also resulting in a damaged starter motor.

The RAMPTECH® Heavy Duty Ignition Switch with keyless anti-start is dramatically improved which features silver contacts to prevent carbonizing or weld together – providing highly reliable performance, even in high-moisture environments. In addition, rust-free stainless steel is utilized for the springs and other internal parts. The end result is an exceptionally durable, keyless anti-start ignition switch that is virtually failure-free and very easy on starter motors.


  • Anti-Restart Ignition Switch
  • 3‑positions: OFF, IGN/ACC, IGN/START, and spring return to IGN/ACC
  • 5 screw terminals
  • Short lever actuator
  • O‑ring seal in stem with ground terminal
  • 1″-24 bushing
  • Exact form and fit to the standard Cole Hersee part number 956‑3124


  • Silver switch contacts that will not carbonize or weld together – providing highly reliable performance even in high-moisture
  • Rust-free stainless-steel springs and other internal parts


Cole Hersee — 956‑3124
Global — 400–05194
Harlan — 02060–0178
JBT– 515‑8762, 601855
Lift-A-Loft — ESB588
Tiger — 234711
TUG — 61903903, T6-7010–140, T6-7010–602
Wollard — 23500