RAMPTECH General Engine Policies

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Core and Warranty Information


Engine Core Policy – All engines are sold on a outright basis. Credit will be issued to the customer when the core is returned. Core must be type for type. The engine must be properly tagged as a core return and the information completed on the tag. The invoice number on which the engine was purchased must also be provided at the time of the return to Sage Parts.

The core must be returned within twelve (12) months to receive credit.
Should the engine block, cylinder head or crankshaft not be rebuildable, it will be subject to charges as stated below.


1. Core is not type for type

2. Junkyard core (rusted, weather-beaten)

3. Core disassembled

Charge Back Listing


Damaged/Junk Crankshaft – 50% of Short Block Credit
Damaged/Junk Block – 50% of Short Block Credit
Missing Cylinder Heads – 50% of Core Credit
Damaged/Junk Cylinder Heads– 50% of Core Credit
Missing Main Bearing Caps – 50% of Short Block Credit
Spun Main Bearing– 50% of Short Block Credit
Missing Timing Cover – $100 Deduction
Damaged Timing Cover- $100 Deduction
Missing Gears, Balancers, Tensioner and Studs- $50 Deduction
Damaged Gears, Balancers, Tensioner and Studs- $50 Deduction
Damaged Rod or Missing Rod Caps – $15 Deduction
Damaged or Missing Camshaft – $50 Deduction
All Other Damaged or Missing Parts – Replacement Cost


Limited Engine Warranty – The Remanufacturer issues this non-transferable Limited Engine Warranty to you, the original purchaser of the remanufactured engine and owner of the vehicle in which the engine is installed. The Remanufacturer warrants the remanufactured engine, which you have just purchased and which is described in this warranty, to be free from defects in workmanship or material if properly installed, used in a normal manner and properly serviced and maintained during the specified warranty periods described below. If the remanufactured engine fails as a result of a defect in workmanship or material during the specified warranty period (measured from the time period described below) the Remanufacturer will repair, replace or refund, at the option of the Remanufacturer. Any product replaced under warranty carries the remainders of the original products warranty terms. The specified warranty period for Sage Parts part numbers E5TZ6011SPP, E5TZ6011DDXENG, E5TZ6007KIT1, E5TZ6007KIT2, E5TZ6007KIT3, E5TZ6007KIT4, E5TZ6007KIT5, and other Ford 300 CID (4.9L) Long Block and Complete Assembled and Dressed Engines is 24 months.

Prior authorization and Claim Number must be obtained from Sage Parts before any warranty work may be performed. The claim MUST be returned with the product. If not the claim process will not continue. Repair bills and proof of payment must be submitted prior to reimbursement by Sage Parts. Warranty card must be completed and mailed into Sage Parts, If not warranty may be void. The original purchaser of the engine from Sage Parts must be in good credit standing with Sage Parts for the warranty to be honored.

Disclaimer and Exclusions to Coverage Applicable to Limited Engine Warranty

This Limited Warranty does not apply if the engine is:

Installed in vehicles used for racing or contains high performance modifications. Modified, altered, abused, unreasonably used, improperly installed, damaged by accident, fire, negligence, misuse, overheating, detonation, lack of lubrication, incorrect application, incorrect or defective units or accessory equipment attached to the engine that were not authorized by the original manufacturer; or installed in an application for which it was not ordinarily intended. Not properly serviced, maintained or fueled in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications. This warranty shall not apply to a camshaft failure on a short block engine unless new lifters have been installed at the time of the engine installation. This warranty shall not apply to any standard production engine, which has been adapted to use Propane or LPG Fuels. If installation or repair work is not performed by an ASE certified technician some or all of the implied warranty may be void. This Limited Warranty only applied to engines supplied from ProFormance Powertrain, Springfield, MO, USA..

This Limited Warranty Excludes:

Transportation expense of a defective engine or part to or from the Dealer, Warehouse, or Distributor where your engine was purchased. Compensation for inconvenience or loss of use. The cost of a rental vehicle, commercial loss, towing charges, lodging, reimbursement for time off work, loss of income, telephone calls, legal fees and costs or any other consequential damages. Any and all cost of labor required to remove the defective engine or part and to complete installation of a replacement engine or part for passenger cars, and trucks will be paid as follows: Sage Parts authorized repairs will be compensated at a rate not to exceed 100% of ALL-DATA time. Hourly rates for all authorized labor claims will be paid in accordance with the ALL-DATA Time Schedule, and not to exceed $55.00 per flat rate hour. Repairs otherwise covered if performed without prior authorization from the Remanufacturer and without submission of a repair bill and proof of payment. The cost of all parts replaced under this warranty unless the parts have been supplied by the Remanufacturer or specifically authorized for local purchase. All replaced parts must be submitted (prepaid) to the Remanufacturer for inspection before labor or incidental costs will be considered.


Liability under this warranty is limited to the price of the defective engine or parts at the time of purchase of the engine, and the Remanufacturer shall have no liability whatsoever for any consequential or special damages. This Limited Warranty is the only express warranty made by the Remanufacturer with regard to such engine. The duration of any warranty implied by law, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, is limited to the duration of the express warranty. The foregoing warranties are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts nor the exclusion or limiting of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusions may not apply to you.