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RAMPTECH® Brake Booster 

Sage P/N 324045


324045 Brake Boost am2A new standard for quality.

The RAMPTECH® Brake Booster recognizes a new standard for quality and function. We listened to users in the field and engineered a vastly improved version of the TUG T6-8007–101 brake booster. The original brake booster is a standard “off the shelf” design used on light Ford automobiles in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Airport ramp equipment utilizing that brake booster under even minimal loads is beyond its limits. To accommodate the heavier GSE and ramp operation demands, many of the internal components were redesigned.

The new design includes a beefier new pedal rod and power piston to better withstand the rigors of the GSE environment and its use on heavier equipment. This new design has a significant advantage in structural strength and product life.

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The RAMPTECH® Brake Booster will last longer than the original due to heavy duty components, improved materials, and optimized geometry.



  • Redesigned pedal rod displacement axis to accommodate for installation alignment issues

  • Improved internal components to accommodate higher stopping loads

  • Rust-resistant finish

  • Includes mounting nuts and washers

  • 100% tested to ensure high quality for consistent and reliable operation

  • This brake booster exceeds OEM specifications and performance

  • This is a new unit – NO CORE REQUIRED

Please download the RAMPTECH® Brake Booster product sheet for complete details.


A1 CORDONE — 54–74000
NAPA – NBB 5474000
TIGER — TIG-8007–101
TUG — T6-8007–101