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Sage P/N SPP00940314


Sage Parts partnered with Bosch to
design starters for the rigorous demands
of high start/stop cycles

This enhanced design is based on start/stop technology where starter motor service life involves a greatly increased number of starting operations. These starter motors have a heavy-duty optimized design that enables the starter motor to withstand more frequent starting cycles, under the most adverse conditions.


  • Reinforced high-stressed bearing points
  • Improved heavy duty planetary gear unit
  • Durable commutator for a longer service life
  • Oversized permanent magnets
  • Optimized brushes and brush holder
  • Heavy duty pinion gear with maximized tooth count
  • Enhanced drive end with needle bearings rather than copper bushings


MSG — 425 EFI 4 CYL. 2.5L
L4 CYL., 2.0L, Turbocharged
L4 CYL., 2.3L., Turbocharged

Utilizes significantly larger permanent magnets to provide a stronger magnetic field for quicker starts and longer life.

The pinion gear contains the maximum number of teeth, up to 14, conventional starters typically have 8 to 11 teeth.

Copper segments are larger and contain more copper than conventional commutators to provide a longer wearing surface for brushes.

Enhanced heavy duty planetary gears are designed for high duty cycles and longer life.

Longer length brushes are used to improve conductivity and greater service life.

The shift lever includes either reinforced nylon and/or steel bushings for high duty cycles.

Enhanced friction reducing components such as needle bearings are used instead of sintered bronze bushings.