Breaking new ground in ground support.

Sage Parts is the world market leader in replacement parts for aviation ground support equipment. And we’re continually extending our presence throughout the global aviation marketplace, bringing parts and GSE services closer to their point of use with a growing number of onsite parts facilities at airports throughout the world.

What’s more, Sage Parts is always working to increase parts availability for our customers by offering a constantly updated inventory of every part for every GSE brand and model. What’s more, we continuously explore new ways to improve the replacement for GSE by redesigning many parts to enhance quality and provide superior performance and reliability under the harshest ramp conditions.

These are just some of the reasons why our diverse array of customers – ranging from the largest international air carriers to the smallest regional airlines as well as freight carriers, package companies, ground handling companies, GSE service and maintenance companies , GSE manufacturers, and parts resellers have looked to us for more than 50 years.

Anticipating needs, meeting demands. Reducing costs.

At Sage Parts, helping our customers reduce cost is the driving force behind everything we do. We work closely with GSE operators to help them run their operations more efficiently and more productively every day, year after year. The end results? Less downtime, more efficiency, and lower cost.

Among the money-saving strategies, resources and exceptional value Sage Parts customers depend on us for are:

  • Immediately available parts at the lowest possible cost

  • Re-engineered and improved high failure and high usage parts for longer life

  • Streamlined and consolidated parts procurement

  • Lower freight costs

  • Reduced inventory expenses

  • Process control improvements and parts storeroom reorganization

You need it, we have it. Right now.

Sage Parts has the world’s largest on-hand inventory of GSE replacement parts for your entire ground fleet…including every part for every GSE brand, ready for you at virtually a moment’s notice. What key benefits can that bring to your ground support operation? You can avoid expensive downtime, optimizing the use of your equipment. Maintain critical schedules. And maximize cost efficiencies.

Our unmatched GSE parts inventory includes top quality parts for a comprehensive range of practically every other type of GSE.

Besides the enormous range of parts we offer, you can rest assured that each part you need is available at our fingertips through our vast database system. Our state-of-the-art database contains millions of part numbers and images, all cataloged for instant access and the quickest order turnaround.  This data is available to you using eSage, our highly advanced e commerce system.

A shorter distance between two points.

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of responsiveness to our customers, Sage Parts is continuously widening its geographic footprint. Underscoring these efforts is an increasing number of onsite parts locations at airports in many different areas of the world. In essence, wherever you do business, so do we.

By bringing GSE replacement parts closer to ground support operations, we can save our customers substantial money in shipping costs. Of course, having the parts you need…available close-at-hand…can also help you avoid the costly scenario of equipment sitting idle on a ramp waiting for parts to arrive.

At Sage Parts onsite airport locations, parts are dispensed, inventories are managed and related GSE support services such as preventative maintenance are provided. Many of our onsite facilities are open 24/7/365, and emergency parts requirements can be met on an immediate basis. Another advantage is the enhanced assurance of parts consistency and quality.

Getting parts from here to there. Better, faster.

Sage Parts has the most extensive distribution network in the GSE marketplace, ensuring the aviation industry’s fastest possible delivery of GSE parts to our customers.

Our warehousing facilities are strategically located at airports throughout the world, so you can be confident that the parts you need are never far away.  Sage Parts has distribution centers at its headquarters in Melville, New York, and airport locations in North America at ATL, LAX, MEM, MIA, ORD, SFO, YUL, YVR, YYC and YYZ. In South America, we are located at LIM and SCL. In the United Kingdom and Europe, we are located at AMS, CDG, LHR, and MAN. In Asia, Sage Parts is at HKG, MFM, and SIN and in South Africa, we are at JNB.

Lowest prices, highest quality. Advantage, you.

Working with the world market leader in GSE replacement parts certainly has its advantages, especially when it comes to saving money on the parts you need to repair your equipment and also keep it running smoothly to optimize your return on GSE investment.

The vast purchasing power of Sage Parts enables us to pass savings onto our customers, resulting in the lowest possible prices for parts. Adding to your cost advantages is our Global Sourcing Program. Through this extensive program, Sage Parts sources parts of extremely high quality from several of the lower-cost manufacturing centers throughout the world. Besides the low price benefits this provides to our customers, we make certain that our globally sourced parts will deliver the kind of performance your ground support operation demands, day in and day out. Parts from our international sources are subjected to rigorous performance standards along with stringent reliability criteria as well as multi-layered quality control procedures. Many parts also undergo a comprehensive re-design process to improve quality even further.

More than an OEM

As the world’s leading supplier of replacement parts for ground support equipment, Sage Parts is committed to providing our customers with parts that will not just deliver the performance and reliability of original equipment parts – we also strive to provide parts that are better than the original parts. It’s important to note that nowadays, very few parts originate from original equipment manufacturers. Thus, the term “OEM Parts” has essentially become a misnomer in the GSE marketplace.

When you look to Sage Parts for GSE replacement parts for your fleet, you can have the peace of mind that the parts you’re buying are in many cases actually better in quality than the parts that were built into the original equipment. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers is specifically dedicated to parts improvement, meticulously testing and analyzing all kinds of GSE parts on high usage equipment to determine where performance and durability enhancements can be made. Then, those parts are re-engineered to even higher specifications, ramp-ready for the most demanding ground support applications. Examples include components such as brake parts, deicer pumps, electrical parts, radiators, axle and drivetrain components, and many other notoriously low lifecycle components.

Unparalleled GSE parts expertise. Superior responsiveness.

Nobody knows GSE replacement parts better than Sage. And it’s not just because we’re the global market leader in parts. It’s Sage people that make the difference. Our management has well over two centuries of combined background working with ground support equipment and GSE parts. Add to that the enormous experience that our staff possesses, many of whom have worked for several decades throughout the aviation and parts industries.

Fact is, at Sage Parts meeting your expectations is simply not enough. We want to exceed your expectations, all the time, in every way. And we start with the kind of responsiveness your business deserves. When you call us, you get more than your order fulfilled. You get answers, recommendations, and the vital benefits of our incomparable parts knowledge. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about the part you’re ordering – including exactly how it works, what it does, and even how to install it. We make it our business to get to know yours, and that’s something you can always count on.

It’s all part of how Sage Parts anticipates your needs, meets your demands, and reduces your costs.